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Required projects: include IGBT chip design, IGBT assembly and modules, MOSFETs, PMIC, SiC, GaN, manufacturing of new substrate material, new assembly material, power modules, epitaxial production, power solution applications, and power-related system products.

Stages of projects: include 1) R&D stage of prototype; 2) early stage of commercialization; 3) R&D team in place but no company; 4) Startup newly established seeking for seed investment and angel round.

Form of submission: includes business proposal or feasibility study report (in ppt format preferred) of no more than 20 pages.

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You will get our feedback in two weeks via email or phone call depending on the projects.


  • Company Name:Chengdu Silicon Power Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Building E6 Tianfu Software Park, No. 1366, Central Tianfu Avenue, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
  • 028-81718288/028-86155520
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