Sino-german Microelectronics and Semiconductor Association entrepreneurship Exchange Salon successfully held in Silicon Energy Technology!

Sino-german Microelectronics and Semiconductor Association entrepreneurship Exchange Salon successfully held in Silicon Energy Technology!

On April 2nd, the entrepreneurship exchange Salon jointly held by Sino-German Microelectronics and Semiconductor Association, Chengdu Sioneng Technology Co., LTD and Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Association came to a successful conclusion in Chengdu Sioneng Technology. The theme of this activity was the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship in semiconductor industry.

As we all know, business start-up is very challenging and innovative. Most of the millions of small and medium-sized enterprises in China are founded by entrepreneurs themselves. Their courage is an important source of positive strength and innovation of national industry! However, the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is indeed not easy, often have a shortage of funds, talent shortage, business development difficulties and other problems, then need to have the right marketing strategy to have the opportunity to survive.

At the beginning of the event, the Sino-German Microelectronics and Semiconductor Association gave an opening speech online. The online guests were mainly engineers and scholars studying in Germany, and the offline guests were invited to participate in the local semiconductor entrepreneurship.

The activity of the first link to invite three startup founder share their entrepreneurial experience, they are come from: chengdu silicon technology co., LTD. General manager And Mr DJ to chengdu rong, founder of silicon semiconductor co., LTD Mr Dai Maozhou and sichuan, founder of silicon source technology co., LTD Mr Rogan.

The three founders talked freely about the difficulties and difficulties of entrepreneurship, especially about how to adjust the mentality of entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial period.

At the end of the symposium, the silicon to invite to come from chengdu, electronic information industry association secretary general Gu Xiaoqin lady, followed three founders talk to the topic of entrepreneurship, brings in the development of electronic information industry and the business environment of chengdu, let more entrepreneurs and overseas Chinese to know more about the integrated circuit industry development of the chengdu and chengdu.

Secretary General Jia said that Chengdu now has a very strong industrial background and economic capacity, and the concentration of enterprises has been among the top in the west. And this Chengdu, also very welcome every talent who wants to return to China to develop, deep cultivation of semiconductor industry to choose Chengdu, chengdu roots.

Both presentations collected a large number of questions from both online and live audiences. At the end of the event, we also invited four guests to sit together and answer questions about how to start a business in Chengdu and how to expand the influence of the team in the process of starting a business.

We hope that through this online sharing meeting, more industrial experts and students who have further studies in Germany can come back to China to start their own business and work. Sioneng also hopes that through various activities, more foreign talents can come to China for development, and better play the role of professional industry incubation platform to create a domestic ecosystem atmosphere.