Silicon Power general manager Bai Jiexian as a foreign representative of chengdu praised the development potential

Silicon Power general manager Bai Jiexian as a foreign representative of chengdu praised the development potential

On December 29, The Economic Cooperation Bureau of Sichuan Province released the Development Report on Foreign-invested Enterprises in Sichuan Province (2021). By November 15, 2021, a total of 4,789 foreign-invested enterprises had participated in the annual report for 2020, ranking 10th in China and first in central and western China, with the highest growth rate among the top 10 provinces in terms of the number of participants.

Mr Bai, who speaks fluent Mandarin, has fallen in love with life in Chengdu. After living in Shanghai for more than 10 years, he settled down in Chengdu and felt that "it is no worse than Shanghai". "Comfort" is the main impression chengdu gives him. But Chengdu has not only a comfortable living environment, but also huge industrial development potential.

When it comes to the business environment in Sichuan, Bai jiexian's assessment is "good". "There are a lot of industries that are doing very well in Sichuan." But he is most bullish on new energy vehicles and automotive electronics. "It's a big market, and I think it would be great if Sichuan could introduce some industry leaders or be able to cultivate chengdu's own unicorns."

Bai Jiexian is the general manager of Chengdu Silicon Technology Co., LTD and one of the core founders of Chengdu Minshan Power Semiconductor Technology Research Institute. His career direction focuses on the semiconductor industry, which is currently the hottest development in China, and focuses on the construction of industrial incubation platform for analog and power semiconductors.

Semiconductor is an important part of the electronic information industry in Sichuan. A large number of chip companies are thriving in chengdu's electronic Information Industry Function Zone. "Our company mainly provides help for semiconductor industry talents from all over the world who want to start their own business in Sichuan or enterprises who want to set up r&d institutions in Sichuan." Bai Jiexian said that the company pays special attention to power semiconductors, which constitute the core device of power electronic transformation, and are the upstream core components of China's automotive industry, high-speed rail, home appliances, power grid transmission and other system applications. The strategic position is prominent, and the market demand is growing rapidly. "We've created a platform where you just have to come in with your idea, your computer, your design, grab your bag and move in. We use start-up capital, RESEARCH and development environment, core industrial resources and other one-stop entrepreneurial services in exchange for a small share of the entrepreneurial team. After helping the startup grow, the equity is our reward." Bai Jie first revealed that more than 30 enterprises in the incubation carrier, this year has 2 enterprises "graduation", ushered in other investors. Another 2-3 will graduate next year. "We will continue to do more for the development of sichuan semiconductor industry through the two platforms of Silicon Technology and Chengdu Minshan Power Semiconductor Technology Research Institute."

The electronic information industry takes the first place among the five pillar industries in Sichuan, and its revenue has already taken the lead in breaking through one trillion yuan. In recent years, Sichuan's electronic information industry has made continuous efforts in improving quality, attracting strength, reinforcing chain and building circles. It has formed a relatively complete electronic information industry system covering integrated circuits, new display and digital audiovisual, terminal manufacturing, software research and development, mobile Internet application and so on, and its core competitiveness has been significantly enhanced.

At the same time, with the acceleration of the construction of chengdu-Chongqing twin cities economic circle, Sichuan also sees the right opportunity, seize the opportunity, the development chain from Sichuan to Sichuan and Chongqing. At present, the electronic information industry in Sichuan is marching towards the second trillion yuan, and strive to break through 2 trillion yuan in industrial scale by 2025, and rank among the top of the national electronic information industry in total.