Capital holding Chengdu integrated circuit industry performance pleasing silicon technology three enterprises last year financing list

Capital holding Chengdu integrated circuit industry performance pleasing silicon technology three enterprises last year financing list

This year, Chengdu attaches special importance to integrated circuits. Starting from the New Year, a batch of new equipment is being installed and debugated in Chengdu National "Core Fire" Innovation and entrepreneurship Base in Chengdu High-tech West Zone. With the putting into use of equipment, the problem of limited testing resources for integrated circuit enterprises will be further solved.

Chengdu attaches great importance to the development of integrated circuit industry. In the first three quarters of 2021, the output of integrated circuits in Chengdu increased by 39.2%. Chengdu will focus on 20 key industries such as integrated circuits and new-type displays, according to the work Plan of Implementing strong chain Action to Promote high-quality industrial development in Chengdu recently issued.

At present, Chengdu has initially established a complete industrial chain covering IC design, wafer manufacturing, packaging testing, materials and supporting, system and complete machine. In the fierce market competition, many complete machine terminal enterprises are not satisfied with obtaining technical services, but hope to have core technology and obtain core competitiveness. The rapidly exploding market has brought huge industrial opportunities, and the "Xinhuo" innovation and entrepreneurship base is accelerating the pace of transformation in the industrial opportunities.

In the view of He Zhaofeng, executive director and general manager of Chengdu High-tech Zone Electronic Information Industry Development Co., LTD., the integrated circuit industry is a highly capitalized, intelligent and knowledge intensive industry, and it is difficult to find a cut. To this end, the "Xinhuo" entrepreneurship and Innovation Base is not only laying out its layout in design and manufacturing, but also building a packaging and testing factory this year to promote chengdu's integrated circuit industry chain to become better, stronger and bigger.

"Focusing on the layout of the innovation chain of the industrial chain, we also actively cooperate with universities and jointly build a 6G cutting-edge technology RESEARCH and development platform with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China." He Zhaofeng is introduced, the platform and give full play to both sides in the integrated circuit industry technology, talents, scientific research and other aspects of resource advantages, set up a support multi-channel high-speed coherent signal transmitting and receiving test platform, provide enterprises with microwave and millimeter wave, terahertz testing services, promote enterprises to raise the level of 5 g / 6 g technology research.

It has cooperated with demonstration Microelectronics College of UESTC to focus on research and breakthrough of ultra-high data rate array technology, established IP resource library with regional high-quality IP resource service enterprises, and built rf chip collaborative innovation platform with Janahiwei...... As the general technology and promote transformation of scientific research achievements, the "fire" double gen base new opportunities, grasp the integrated circuit industry development is to strengthen the integrated circuit industry chain upstream and downstream depth cooperation, integrate the advantage resources, optimize the industrial ecosystem, enhancing core competitiveness of the whole industrial chain of integrated circuits, boost domestic alternative process, effectively promoting the innovation and development of IC industry collaborative.

Integrated circuit data is good

According to the industry big data analysis platform of Chengdu Intelligent Internet Research Institute, 6 new IC enterprises will be established in Chengdu in 2021, and the number of IC core enterprises has reached 175 by the end of the year, covering the whole industrial chain of material equipment, software tools, IC design, IC manufacturing and IC packaging and testing. In 2021, a total of 18 equity financing events took place in Chengdu's IC industry, with the number of cases doubling year on year, and the heat of investment and financing continued to rise.

In 2021, there were 18 known cases of equity financing in the field of integrated circuits in Chengdu, with the amount of financing reaching 2.21 billion yuan, an increase of more than 7 times over the previous year. The average single financing amount reached 118 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of more than three times. 16 enterprises were involved in the investment, doubling the number of the same period last year, including 12 small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology, 8 high-tech enterprises and 4 specialized new enterprises.

Nowadays, chengdu's IC industry has formed a "one core and two wings" industry pattern, with high-tech zone as the core and Shuangliu Zone and Tianfu New Area as two wings. Among them, Chengdu High-tech Zone has become a gathering place for the development of IC industry in western China. The number of IC core enterprises has reached more than 140, increasing by 37% compared with 2019. The agglomeration effect of industrial cluster is increasingly prominent.

In 2021, with the support of new public service platforms and financing models such as Chengdu National "Core Fire" Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base and "Liupidai" products, integrated circuit enterprises in Chengdu High-tech Zone will continuously increase their investment in 5G/AI chip design, gallium arsenide/gallium nitride and other new compound semiconductor materials and wafer manufacturing. A number of key projects, including Moorthread Chengdu RESEARCH and Development Center (GPU), Lipchip Microelectronics Integrated Circuit Research and development Center and regional headquarters (5G Communications), were launched at an accelerated pace.

Silicon technology boosts industry development

As can be seen from the table of major investment and Financing events of Integrated circuit enterprises in Chengdu in 2021, 3 of the 18 enterprises on the list are from Chengdu Silicon Technology Incubator, they are chengdu Sili Technology, Chengdu Ronsi Semiconductor and Chengdu Silicon Technology. And the three enterprises have their own strengths, covering: power IC design, compound semiconductor material preparation and motor drive IC design.

Chengdu Sineng Technology co., LTD is the first incubator dedicated to power semiconductor start-ups in China. It not only provides free office space and administrative services, but also provides comprehensive services such as technical services, management consulting, industrial cooperation and enterprise financing.

We can see from the companies incubated by SILICON Technology that they have a strong strength in various segments, and today's Silicon Technology, Chengdu Minshan Power Semiconductor Technology Research Institute was founded on January 18, 2022 by Dr. Zhang Shuai, former senior executive of TSMC, Bai Jiexian, former vice president of IBM Semiconductor Microelectronics department and former vice president of SoftBank Capital Investment, and Professor Zhang Bo, international renowned expert on power semiconductor.

But also the new minshan power semiconductor technology institute will can use silicon technology industry hatching patterns, can in silicon, on the basis of existing operation mode, with the help of institute of more powerful cohesion, industrial resources to add industrial technology research and development of the main engine, for injection of a powerful driving force of industrial development, to offer better quality growth industry project.

I believe that in the future, silicon technology will also rely on its own strength, to Chengdu and even the country to transport more and stronger industry leading enterprises!