• Silicon Power Tech will provide the incubated companies with a full range of supporting services which values nearly $1 million .

  • In exchange for these services, the incubated companies will give Silicon Power Tech part of their equity.

  • Silicon Power Tech will generate its investment return from the growth of the incubated companies.

Contrary to the traditional startup business model, the incubated startups will have access to the software and hardware services provided by the in-kind partners and government grants rather than relying on seed investment to purchase software, equipment and rent office space. With the design and fabrication support provided by the incubator, the product development process can be accelerated by 7 to 12 months. In Silicon Power Tech, there is no need for the incubated companies to invest in fixed assets, so the startup costs are greatly reduced. Their only focus will be on team building and product development. As the capital is used directly for R&D, the startups will be able to retain more equity and more value.


The Silicon Power Tech ecosystem includesin-kind partners, strategic partners, consultants, investors, industry-chain partners, and academic partners.Silicon Power Tech will also arrange seminars (monthly and quarterly) to discuss the most up-to-date technology and most prospective company applications. Consultants specializing in strategic development and fundraising will also be available to help to improve the startups’ competitiveness and future potential.

Fundraising support covers angel financing through Series B. Silicon Power Tech offers professional support and service to the startups to meet their capital needs for rapid development.